How can a homeowner identify a good salesperson?

When homeowners have a home improvement project such as installing a new roof, they must first decide which roofing company to bring in to evaluate the job. But will the assigned salesperson/estimator be a good one? Will this person respect their wishes and meet their expectations? In this article you'll find a few key sales tactics to look for in a salesperson. These are things that that will help any homeowner identify who will be awarded the work.

1. Are they on time?
Being on time is one of the best signs of a good salesperson. This means they not only respect you as a potential client but also respect their profession and themselves.

2. Are they aware of your perspective?
Do they pass your initial “peek” test? A good salesperson knows that potential clients are looking at them the moment their vehicle arrives. Are they paying attention to your first impression? A salesperson that tries to see him or herself from your point of view is someone that respects both your space and expectations. Their attire should be professional, and their vehicles should provide a positive image of their work.

3. Do they have charisma?
Is this person someone that you can connect with? Or do they come off as someone who is trying to push a product? Will this be someone that you can easily remember? Did this person have Charisma? A good salesperson will leave you with a lasting impression; one of personal character and professional conduct that will help you remember them, long after they left.

4. Passion
Has this person showed you their passion for their product and their trade? Do they believe in their product? Do they express their passion in a way that makes you trust in them, their product, and their company?

5. Product knowledge
Test your salesperson after you have done your research. Do they really know their product? Are they a trained professional who can explain their product and its installation? Are they certified by a reputable manufacturer? What is involved in order to get that certification? Are they trained by that manufacturer? What warranty is being offered? Can the salesperson explain the warranty in a way that you understand? All these are key questions that your salesperson should be able to answer easily and thoroughly.

6. Respect
Make sure that the salesperson has an awareness that they are in your home—and that most of their actions are preceded by a request for permission. This is a great sign that they have respect for you and your space.

7. Communication
A good salesperson will explain their product in language that you can understand. They won't rely on jargon. Also. a good salesperson will ask you detailed questions in order to identify your needs. They should identify what products are best for your home based on the answers that you provide.

8. Honesty
Honesty is paramount. You should expect that any salesperson will try to sell you their products; after all, that is why they are there. But there is a big difference between selling and pushing. Only honesty, passion, and good business practices can show you that this person is the right person to work in your home! Check references and past customer experiences to make sure that you are hiring a good roofing company.

9. The Pitch
Does the salesperson really know their pitch, or does it seem like they're just improvising? A great salesperson has a prepared pitch that they “stick” to. This is a great sign that their company has its act together! This doesn't mean that they should behave like a robot; it's more that the salesperson truly knows their process, and can guide you through it in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

10. Closing is for amateurs
Be wary of anyone who tries to rush the close. Any salesperson is expected to try to sell to you and to hopefully close the job, but only once you're ready. They need to educate you in every aspect of their product, how their product is installed; what goes where and what does what, and why. Remember: this is your home. Whatever they are selling will become part of your home. Roofing most of all protects your family from the elements. If the salesperson fulfills a need by providing a good product and service, and if they can educate you on how and why you need their product, then the closing is done naturally throughout the visit. Signing a contract is simply a consequence positive outcome of their work.

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I couldn’t afford a new roof right now, the staff at Gary Wild informed me that only a repair was needed... thank you.

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